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Provide Julian Assange with Political Asylum – Why I Care

Why I act is because I can.
Where I can why wouldn't I?
Here's my thoughts on the petition and why I've elected to extend the close date to Tuesday 7 August 2018. 
Poster image we used on a few A1 size coreflute boards to inform potential petition signees.
This blog penned through the afternoon Tuesday 24 July the earlier date set for close of signatures, and finalised in the wee hours of Wednesday 25 July - the Day Out of Time in the Mayan Calendar.
The petition is ultimately directed at open government and transparency - currently government is a swamp next to a sea of lies and fake news.
Recent context – the Swedish sexual assault allegations and charge now dropped. Text of letter to editor in Wellington's Dominion Post.

Responding to David Mulcock 23 July letter "The Assange Case"
Admission I initiated the petition to the NZ Parliament "Provide Julian Assange permanent political asylum in New Zealand" Government link http://bit.ly/2KV6yzu
There are no rape charges outstanding against Wikileaks editor Julian Assange see webpage "Justice For Assange" https://justice4assange.com/
Sweden has withdrawn charges and the women involved in the matter David Mulcock references acknowledged they were pressured by Swedish police to press charges.
Calling Assange a rapist is probably actionable at law - defamation.
It is stated by NZ Government that we support rule of law and United Nations system. UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention decision of February 2016:
"Disposition: In the light of the foregoing, the Working Group renders the following opinion:
The deprivation of liberty of Mr. Assange is arbitrary and in contravention of articles 9 and 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and articles 7, 9(1), 9(3), 9(4), 10 and 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights....."
David Mulcock please consider facts.
NZ please support Assange so he can support the enlightenment of all our democracies.
Truth matters – Wikileaks and Julian Assange hate fake news.

Let him that hath not sinned - cast the first stone”
Jesus Christ Of Nazareth

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing”
Edmund Burke

This morning along with two female colleagues I stood in the cold with paper copies of the parliament petition; “Provide Julian Assange with Political Asylum in New Zealand”
We arrived at about 8:15am and remained in the cold conditions at the front entrance of the Wellington Central Railway station till 10:30pm or thereabouts. We collectively collected about 80 signatures on the petition.
The online petition is now over 1200 signatures and we've collected approximately 200 from the station and Johnsonville Mall and Fresh Produce Market on Sunday 22 July. We'll now do more collections on paper where we able. You can help in this respect too.
At Wellington railway station I watched a stream of people who mostly politely refused the proffered opportunity to participate in democratic process to aid a fellow in obvious trouble. Many smiled, perhaps they thought our efforts were a joke given the ultimate target which underlies the object – to protect Julian Assange from the predation of Empire represented in the political and legal structure known in our world as United States of America (land of the free and brave).

Julian's immediate antagonist is the switching allegances of the Ecuador state since it's alteration in the personality that heads the state. The people who signed knew what the issue is about and how it matters, ethical and strategic thinkers - insight backed by integrity.

If we wish for a benign and provident state the people need to act. We through our acts and omissions co-create the ordered objective reality. Which world order? Diverse or someone's idea of a greater good New World Order where the powerless do badly.
Where we fail to exercise our magical and spiritual value as democratic participants the overall democracy is diminished.
Where many of us withdraw positive energy and political power other interests prevail
Fact: the paid for and corporate interest is always at work.
Civilisation - everyone says they want it – what is it's nature?
What is civilisation?
What is the long trend of what passes for our civilisation?

The full exchange took place at the 11th hour of Sunday night 22 July and promises to have a chapter two.
So what of our civilisation, now in it's decadent stage - where next?
The trend is not good when one surveys the globe. We are part of the planetary system no matter how godly the inhabitants feel about their insulation from the “problem of the world.”
Politics, democracy - political economy - how the system informs itself
Any system - natural, digital, mechanical, biological is only as good as the information that guides its work.
At the micro level is the cell, we require well functioning cells for our human entity's efficient and healthy functioning.
A cell has sensors and receptors to inform itself of its reality – see paper “Sentinels at the wall: cell wall receptors and sensors” For the cell to optimise its performance the sensors need to function to interpret the outer environment.
At a macro level the social cell, that is the democracy of the political economy might similarly require accurate information to ensure its efficient functioning.
What streams of information inform the democracy?
The ravings of the main stream media? Of recent; 

The headlines screamed Skripal and Russia dunnit.

They screamed Douma Gas attack and Syria dunnit. 

They screamed Iran dunnit so Trump can respond to fairy dust and pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.
For the record there was no Novichok and no Russian was involved aside from Sergei Skripal and his unlucky daughter.
For the record there was no Douma Gas attack and the Organisation for Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has confirmed that.
For the record the Iranians have not breached the Nuclear deal – but who cares about facts - hey Mr President!
There have been numerous examples scattered through modern, ancient and all the bits of history in between.
Flowing from these false flag events, the world has wasted a massive amount of people, resources, energy as well as create a toxic environment. Disaster is an improvement on the bottom line as someone is going to pay for the clean up – or worse leave the mess.
To cure the problem of impunity where the people are sold war on false pretences I propose a solution 

In my paper to the UN Periodic Review of New Zealand I proposed that New Zealand's Official Information Act Sec 6 Grounds for withholding information is amended to include a public interest test to allow an argument before the courts to allow me to assert the New Zealand or any other government is acting unlawfully to engage in acts of aggressive war - Afghanistan and Iraq plus more in the Global War on Terror (GWOT), complicity after the fact, and covering up the facts of the Crimes through effectively classifying them state secrets.
Until I achieve my objective to open government to the people it is supposed to care for and serve - whistleblowers provide some insight into the swamp and deep state actions.
Whistleblowers are supposed to be protected heroes and heroines, however the truth is they are oppressed and persecuted for their gifts toward the goal of transparency and accountability.
Who or what institution protects whistleblowers?
Wikileaks provides a 100% anonymous guarantee to any whistleblower. Wikileaks nor it's editor Julian Assange have revealed a source.

Chelsea Manning who gave us the Collateral Murder video evidence of the killing of 20 people including Reuters reporters in Iraq in 2007 was outed through another source.
Empire and particularly the US hates Wikileaks and its editor Julian Assange.
His story is outlined in many places, it is not my intent to reiterate the known.
I focus on institutional alteration with my acts in the democracy
Capture from 9/11 interview with my friend Lisa Er on GreenPlanetFM
In the explanation I provide my thinking and some of the material that makes the official conspiracy described in the 9/11 Commission report a physical impossibilty. That is for the 9/11 Commission version of the conspiracy to be real – it was a special day in the history of the universe as another set of laws were repealed or suspended by a supreme entity - the laws of physics are denied.
Now to be fair Julian Assange, other socalled heroes of the common man and his plight in the care of our collectice governments, both George Monbiot and Noam Chomsky have not only denied the official conspiracy is false, they have gone out of their way to denigrate the studious and open minded scientists, researchers and critical thinkers such as myself who know that the offical narrative is a concotion of hollywood in league with the deep state and aided by foreign powers to the US political state.
Julian Assange has interesting intelligence reports on the Wikileaks site which outlines incredible back stories about who was involved in the organisation and money in the scenery behind the 9/11 Crime.
Imagine the impact on the action of potential whistleblowers were Julian Assange and Wikileaks to be shut down - who is the watchdog?

Why kill our own watchdog?
Wikileaks is one of the democracy's sensors, providing vital information as to the civilisation brain or ordering system – our governments.
Where our governments attack Wikileaks they attack the democracy.
Where they attack the democracy they attack us.
Ever hear of a thing called the Class War?
It's an undeclared covert war using every means available to strip value from the human inhabitants on the wrong side of the Class divide.

Austerity is but one weapon employed to control the battle field and ensure the fruits of the battle (spoils of the war) are distributed in big heaps to some and not much to the 99%.
I want to assist the vitalisation of the democracy.
It then is logical for me to ensure Wikileaks's survival. Julian Assange as much as I can ascertain is the heart of Wikileaks. Kill Assange and we kill Wikileaks.
Pick a side in the war people.
George W Bush proclaimed the war drums in the drive to 'turn Afghanistan to rubble' with Shock and Awe, laying down the challenge, “You are either with us or against US.”
Logicians are required, critical thinkers, passionate, emotional inspirational poets and musicians, all artists, sacred activists, everyone, short, tall, warts and all.

All are needed to inform the social cell called democracy
Government is a perverse beast and of all the systems to determine how the power of government is wielded - Democracy is the least worse system we know of.
It is yet to be implemented properly. It will never be implemented unless it is well informed hold opinions whose assumptions cohere with reality.
This twitter discussion between Michael David Berger historian and myself considered a few answers to the puzzle of the future – link to full discussion

Do we allow the psychopathic and extremely competitive leadership with the power in the current criminal conspiracy to continue to rob the world through terror wars, fear and paranoia? Governments on one level are large corporations.

How is the Government allocating/distributing the resources/benefits of the commonwealth?
The War on Terrorism has cost the US political economy US$7 trillion dollars let alone the human and toxic carnage wreaked on our planetary environment. Do we really think we are insulated from nuclear fallout by virtue of our border which define our political state and geographical claim? Instead we wage war of terror on pests, oceans, land and people - systematic waging of war. 

Who is the enemy?
Or do we act to ensure that the democracy is informed which in turn has the effect of building confidence in the democratic participants – we are not lunatics, the Lunatic is in charge of the modern state.
Is there a special thing happening in Aotearoa New Zealand? 

Can we meet the challenge?
Perhaps there is ambition for sustainable and lawful state and global political governance – Foreign Minister Winston Peters speech to the Otago Foreign Policy School 29 June 2018 asking what are NZ's “Next Steps” where he states the Government's ambition and offers a challenge to the academy. The last three paragraphs of Winston's challenge.

We can assist the academy inform itself about our reality? Does the view from the academy cohere with mine? Where are the points of difference and separation? Specifically, where have I bent the rules of physics of logic - or long term strategic thinking?
We can provide Julian Assange with political asylum in New Zealand
To facilitate the maximum response and to allow just one of the 120 New Zealand Parliamentary Members remember where they placed their courage, I've asked the Parliament Officer who administers parliamentary petitions to move the close of the petition to Tuesday 7 August 2018.

To contextualise the timing here is the relevant bit of the NZ Parliament sitting calendar. The days shaded green are the days of Sitting of the House. I would to close the petition and host a hand over on that or the next day. 

7 August sits between Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days - democracy's nuclear moment.
The petition became live 9 July with the initial close date set for 19 July. The parliamentary protocols require a Member to sponsor the petition to the House. The MP does not need to support the tenor, she is required to fulfil the protocols established in the Parliament Standing Orders. The petition then is referred to the appropriate select committee – my assessment is that the #NZAsylum4AssangePetition will be referred to one of the Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade or the Justice select committees – however that, is a decision for the Parliament Speaker.
My considerations about timing for the close is motivated by the urgency of Julian Assange's plight and the developments fed through various media. Assange's communications to the world were cut off 28 March 2018 – 3 months!
We asked the Clerk to make the first amendment to close on Tuesday 24 July to fit the parliament sitting Calendar and to provide those that cared their opportunity to sign. Note it only requires my request to validate the petition provided I can persuade an MP to sponsor.
Recent rumours (be careful of the rumour mill) had it that Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno would be undermining Assange's asylum in his recent meeting with UK officals. That appears to be put to bed with an announcement by the Ecuador Foreign Office that Assange is not on the agenda.
Today Tuesday 24 July was the close of the petition and we lacked an MPs of conviction to sponsor asylum for Assange. Accordingly I have requested the petition close 7 August. That date allows time for the necessary to happen, the MP, petition numbers to grow, and perhaps the main stream news media to report to the New Zealand civil-society the plight of one of their peers, and the measures available to assist Assange continue his purpose – that is accurately inform the democracy of what government does in our name.
Please consider signing the petition and sharing the love:
I'll close with this 29 second video of … OGP CEO Sanjay Pradhan calls on all governments to build coalitions with civil society, citizens, and others to build governments for the people, by the people, of the people

Well we are "we the people", we already have coalitions of civil actors and we are letting you know what we desire. So work with us and our agenda, don't set up something to undermine our credibility.
Do we want a vital civil society and informed democracy or what?

Bring Julian Assange to Aotearoa New Zealand – our movement already has numerous offers to house him in Godzone – if you do not value truth I am pleased to advise the inhabitants of this land do and where properly informed will make a difference to this world. New Zealanders have already said no to empire.
Over 43,000 inhabitants stood for these values as representative to inform the Esteemed Flag Committee of the people's constitutional values for a legislated process to define the national identity – the 2015 Flag Referendum Bill. The people of the land decided to retain their rule of law constitutional monarchy where the Queen has Title as Crown Representative, known as Sovereign, the person vested as Ruler of the State.

However for all and intents and purposes the Parliament determines the legislation within the parameters it sets for itself through the Acts that it determines - legislation. Thus it is understood that Parliament it effectively sovereign and is free to make any law. Ethics might be said to mediate the moral compass of the Nation mediated through the biases of 120 representatives of the people.
The NZ Parliament members are well within their collective Jurisdiction to take a principled stand – will it? 
Enlightenment and Courage say yes.

Admission I desire and work toward turning our civilised zeitgeist from scarcity to abundance.
Fact: we live in an abundant eco-system on a magical planet in a mysteriously aware universe.

I sense the turning is now

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