Wednesday, 14 February 2018

You need a whipping honey?

Do you live on planet earth?

Or in the internet/social media virtual world?

If an earthling - then what is that?

Another in the human crowd?

We number 4 billion folk with connected devices


One node in a matrix?

Or natural woman or man*?

Or random *gender in this PC world?


There's no shortage of us...

We number 7.6 billion beings - heading to 11 billion before we plateau at a point late in the century - say:

8:00am 8 August 2088

Consider inequality, poverty and austerity

Nothing happens by accident - all is planned

Our system doesn't place much value on human Wellbeing

Continue to do what we do and expect change = lunacy

TP= shit

People who might have a clue on TPP would appreciate the instrumental entrapment and systemic rachet in favour of big business and money interests

Wait till TPP is Trumped #MAGA (Make America Great Again)

= America Great = We are poor!

It's an equation so must balance - the US doesn't do win/win!

Once NZ people are restrained and entrapped in TPP

What #22 US button-ons were suspended?

Suspenders on the Redqueen?

Feeeel the US #MAGA sting

Restrained by the Redqueen of Aotearoa

Destiny and Legacy entwined on the Pole of Herstory

International Women's Day - Purrfect Honey

A smart individual would change

A nation of smart individuals would change

A Progressive Leader would change = Zeitgeist?

We are connected

We can discuss our needs and their satisfaction

Abundance for all not Austerity

Reinstate the Four Wellbeings in the Local Government Act 2002

Social, Environmental, Economic and Cultural Wellbeing = Stolen by the Key National Government in 2012!

It appears that  LabourNational and New Zealand First support TPP and the global neoliberalproject

You too?

Despite the fact that neoliberal Capitalism is not vogue - Ask the Black Prince

Coalition of willing liars says, "We'll give it a turbocharged go - TPP the final solution"

TPP + Trump = #MAGA 

= Make New Zealand Shit  #MNZS

Green Party says #TPPNoWay!

Who is correct?

See the Trend?

Up or down for human Wellbeing?

Who Wins and Who Loses?

Ecological system score -1 = big loser

John Key's Bankster mates score +100Billion Debt! = big winner

Smiling Assassin

Another Smiley Face to cover Vogue with political glam

= Assassin?

Both love TPP

Economic Growth at all cost in a competitive world?

= Compete to the final winner despite the carnage

= Death to all others in a deadly system


How many stressed?

How many NZ dairy farmers have topped themselves under the Smiling Assassin's bankster mates' yoke?

Choking in White Powder = Global Trend

How many more children (youth below age of consent or legal adulthood have suicided)?

How many streams polluted as our political system is polluted with money power

How much War Pig Pollution = Coalition of The Willing = Club of willing murderers in foreign lands

Democracy polluted by the hegemonic power of foreign interests serves whom?

The system is stressed

Solution = pile on more stress = lunatic behaviour = more suicides and ecological destruction = planetary degradation

= trend

Point to the break in the logic trail...

What of you?

Why are you in this virtual world? The world of algorithims...

As opposed to the physical/manual world - the non cyber world of tangibles, or...

Think on it - maybe we are...

All in a connected matrix of human spirits with human value and Right to be Human Earthlings

Why TPP? - It is anathema to the values that most agree

Let's do this TPP = Anathema 

Added 5 March 2018 - video of Christchurch Our Childrens Future team lock-on to the rail tracks near Lincoln Rd. Addington Crossing:

TPP/CPTPP = Wrong Track

As opposed to: 

Let's do things to advance rights such as the right for humans not to exist in a state of institutionalised systemic perpetual decline.

TPP institutionalises the trend = Death by a thousand cuts...

You need a whipping honey?


  1. To reinforce the point, the US Billionaire Class are increasingly looking to NZ as a bolt hole. Peter Thiel is merely the tip of the iceberg.

    Is NZ crazy allowing these mega capitalists a space? They knowingly degrade the planet to make their mega profits and then use NZ gullibility as an insurance policy where their investments are ultimately winners.

    What was the name of the sport?

    The human race...

    Taken to its ludicrous conclusion - to be the last man standing on Earth

  2. An additional piece of evidence on the trend - home ownership for middle income earners is crashing in the UK, similar to what occurs in NZ.

    Both nations follow the the instructions of the vulture capitalist classes:

  3. TPP/CPTPP = Wrong Track

    Added 5 March 2018 - video of Christchurch Our Childrens Future team lock-on to the rail tracks near Lincoln Rd. Addington Crossing:

  4. 110 dirty fucking traitors SMFH